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Wilfs Electrical Ltd. - Main Street Project

Preventative Maintenance

Performing an inspection with an infrared camera.

Our trained Electrician here at Wilfs Electric Ltd. will conduct an infra red inspection on panels, disconnects, motors, mcc and cdp panels identifying potential issues before breakdowns occur. Our Electrician will also tighten, torque and clean all panels as well take current amperage and voltage readings, along with taking numerous Infra Red pictures which help to create our report to the client. Our trained and certified Journeyman Electricians have access to all proper PPE and bomb suits, should they be required. This can be done on a commercial or even a residential level for proper maintenance.

With Preventative Maintenance it allows your operation to run smoothly with no unscheduled downtime, which avoids unwanted costs.

Visible Light Image

Electrical Panel viewed with visible light.

Infrared Image

Electrical Panel viewed with Infrared camera.
Average Temperature: 72.2°F (22.3°C)
Image Range: 70.2°F to 79.3°F (21.2°C - 26.3°C)
IR Sensor Size: 320 x 240
Camera Manufacturer: Fluke Thermography
Image Date/Time: 23 Jun 2016 - 10:01:29
Target Distance: 1.8 Yards (1.65 Meters)
Severity: No problem found.
Name Avg. Min. Max.
Centerbox 71.6°F (22.0°C) 70.7°F (21.5°C) 76.4°F (24.7°C)
Name Temperature
Centerpoint 74.8°F (23.8°C)
P0 75.9°F (24.4°C)